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Nice job. As a closet brony I can relate. Never met anyone that into mlp fim.

I'm a brony and batman fan! I thought you guys did a great job on the art and voice acting! I don't know what I would change.

great few concept problems

a lot of the Gerudos were warriors. There must have been a lot of guy stuff for him, such as learning how to fight in dugeons and what not.

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killer of /b/

I love the fact that I'm killing a meme that I hate >:3. Damn you pedobear!

slow motion was nice, but you should shrink the screen a bit so your players can see it all instead of scrolling and missing it. Music didn't quite go that well.

Very good game

It's nice to see a defense game that grabs my attention again. You did a good job in incorporating Pokemon elements and I'm interested in how the sequel play out. Especially with the level up system; will my Charmeleon still be a Charmeleon in the next game? The Pokemon I catch? The game doesnt's seem to last long enough for me to evolve fully :(

I can't find anything to criticize, maybe add a few more gameplay elements such as a chance for Enemies to counter-attack or items that you can buy.

Loved it, just some small changes.

This is a great game. I love it when gamer fans take a game that they loved and recreate it to something new. Plus there was no level cap that I know of which is great (beat it at level 21)

Pretty much the same as pierrecurie has said. I had a hard time with the jumps, and realized I had to jump at the tip of the platform to complete most jumps. With the speed I have and no way to get back quicker, I had to take a minute just to walk back and start over.

Also I notice that sometime my melee would go into rapid attack mode (I don't know how I triggered this). I would be constantly swinging my weapon, twice as fast without stop, until I cast a spell or exit the area.

Other then that, it's a really good game. Just take care of some of the bugs, make jumps easier and increase speed if you can (mostly the jumps)

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I really like the song. It reminds me a lot of the Classical style music I would hear in Final Fantasy games.

By the way, can i use this for a demo reel?

Lumina33 responds:

A demo reel..? What is exactly thiiis..? (I'm not english in fact ^^') Well, I guess it is sort of movie or video game..? Well, you can use it if you credit me! Of course!! :D
Thanks for your review!! ^^


You are getting better, but I have some suggestions

I like the concept of blending the original with a more rap sound, but the sounds don't complement eachother. The rap sounds didn't really change or add anything to the song, but it almost did. I was waiting too see if it would bring some new sounds to blend more but it didn't.

Don't get me wrong you concept is great, the sounds just didn't go too well together. Just try experimenting more, and you will find it for sure!


It's a great remake of such a great song. The only word I can think of is majestic.

MusicWizard responds:


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Not bad. It's watercolor? I honestly couldn't tell because it can that playful crayon feel. Nice job for watercolor. Interesting that it came out that way.

Also yaaaay pinkie!

crazy killing! Love it!

wish I could zoom in.


It too me a bit to realize it was four different songs. Good uses of balance and weight. Good art style. 5.

Just someone that loves Newgrounds and who is a wannabe artist.

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