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2013-04-15 21:54:49 by blackmage338

So my relatives in Boston are find. Still bad about what happen. Hope we find out the group of terrorist that did it.

I doubt an entire country was in on it. On the news, they said it was pretty easy to make the explosives so who really knows. It could have even have been the KKK (y'know, so many nationalities and whatnot).

Just please people, stay safe and stay calm. If your afraid and jump to conclusions, then they win.

Lack of updates.

2013-02-19 17:46:57 by blackmage338


I haven't posted anything in...years.

A lot has happen since then:

1.) Degree change, Animation and Graphic Design.

2.) Became a brony

3.) Picked up gardening

I will post some of my better stuff on here. Don't have that much experience in flash but I'm better at 3D animation.


2012-01-01 12:13:57 by blackmage338

I found out that I got a 2 A-, 1 A, and a C- for my grades.

Change in career

2011-07-06 12:31:55 by blackmage338

So I found out that my Financial aid was canceled at the university. I had no idea how bad I was doing in the classes and I think there was only one I didn't fail (I aced it!).

I got enough credits to substitute teach in my State, but I'm heading back to my community college to finish my Digital Media degree. Maybe then I will have more stuff for this site. I'll try and do my best this semester ^_^.

just a sketch

2011-02-04 14:45:25 by blackmage338

Just a sketch I drew a while back. Thought I point it out.

just a sketch


2011-01-13 12:18:07 by blackmage338

I remember going to this site from my freshmen year in High School. Me and my brother have been long time gamers and I have been into anime and manga. I have always had a high respect for Newgrounds and later convince myself to get an account.

With that being said I thought about posting some of my old sketches to the site. What convinced me to get an account here was the sake of reviewing content, especially video games. I want to give more to this community for everything that it's given to me though. Hopefully you will like the art that I will post and for the art that's still to come.